Shooting a video with an iPhone X

I challenged myself to shoot a video using an iPhone without using any Digital Visual Effects.

I’ll be honest, It was HARD AF…

The iPhone X camera is AWESOME, but I also wanted to use a kaleidoscope as a lens for the phone.

The iPhone itself is an unstable camera (aka, shaky as f**k), on top of that I had the kaleidoscope in front of the lens, so I had to use 1 CONVENTIONAL TRIPOD, 1 JOBY TRIPOD (yes, the @CaseyNeistat one), 1 PHONE to TRIPOD ADAPTER and just a little bit of TAPE.




I wrapped the Kaleidoscope with the Joby tripod to make it stable in front of the iPhone (wide) lens.

With that, I made possible to have and stable shoot using an iPhone and a “long lens”.

It was hard, but I loved to experiment with this kind of equipment and the practical effects involved in working with a kaleidoscope and the lens.